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OMNIFREIGHT organizes the shipment of your goods to Africa and Worldwide

How can we help you?

We ship your containerized goods, rolling stock (trucks, road building equipment...) and your conventional cargo (steel, bags, cases...)
We handle your shipping documents and transport formalities
We collect your goods and we carry out seaworthy packing, storage and containerization
We sell containers.

Why should you do business with us?

You limit your transport costs and receive your goods safely and in perfect condition
Each one of your requests will receive our tailor made solution
We speed up the delivery of your cargo
We optimize your supply chain, your production and your distribution system.
According to a recently conducted survey, our customers choose our company for the quality, client-proximity and fulfilment of commitments (See survey results).

What will be your additional advantages ?

Track your orders online to know the exact position of your goods and get real time information of your shipment

Consult and edit your transportation documents

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