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customer order confirmation and invoice clauses

Our services are exclusively subject to our general terms and conditions (cf. ABEX) shown on our website, as well as the following terms and conditions. Amendments or additions to the conditions will only apply if explicitly accepted by us, in writing or by way of implementation of our mission.

Our invoices are definitely due on the hand-over of the goods to the first transport contractor, irrespective of the payment term shown on the invoice. Our invoices remain due, and may not be offset or withheld for any reason whatever.

Failing payment of our invoices on the due date, the invoice amount shall be increased by operation of law, without notice of default, by a flat-rate amount of 10% for the extra-judicial recovery costs, and interest on overdue payment shall be payable at the rate of 1% per month.

The courts of our registered office, as the place of creation and performance of the contract, shall have sole jurisdiction, without prejudice to our right to bring the case before another court.